Andrews Hamburgers (Albert Park)

I have been dying to find the 'best burger of Melbourne' and many people have different opinions of what classifies as a good burger. I don't eat burgers a lot so I don't know if this was the best one, but it probably was cause it was delicious!

I travelled 15km to try this burger and would do it again. The shop has a lot of heritage for the area of the southern suburbs yet it has seemed to spread Melbourne-wide given that the store has been inundated with people eager to travel for a good feed. And why not, as you simply cannot compare these burgers to ones made in fast-food franchises like McDonalds. The difference is the texture of the bread, the beef patty that seemed to have less fat in it, and of course the less processed taste of the burger.

You do have to wait a while for these burgers, given that there is often a queue (I waited 25 minutes on a Saturday evening) but it's better than having them pre-made because at least they are fresh. Prices are not cheap for burgers, the lot burger is $10.50* by itself. Yet they are quite filling, but maybe not filling enough for people with real appetites. I still can't complain though, but I wish they had an eat in area cause it is strictly take away, with the exception of one table. However the small shop is just too short of room to do this, but I think this place should open up more stores to capitalise on Melbourne as we all want a bite out of their famous burgers.

Restaurant Character: Take away shop
Atmosphere: N/A (You don't eat in, yet the store inside is very nice)
Food: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Service: 7/10 (Order and pickup food from the counter)
My mood: Happy :)
Might go back
Will recommend to others

So much culture in one burger, sums up Melbourne's food industry, simple but delicious.
The Hungry Melburnian
July 17, 2012.

* Prices are by when I last visited this restaurant and may have changed since then.

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