Let's start by concluding I am forever craving Vietnamese food, it's just so good right? I know that Footscray has a lot of great places to cater for this cuisine and I have been striving to try some, yet I have been cut short of spare time. Instead I did manage to get a take away menu from an exciting Pho shop that seems to always to be full of life when I walk past it on Hopkins Street. Hopefully I can spare the time to spend the the dime (terrible punn and rhyme sorry). Anyway below is the menu for Pho Hung Vuong Saigon. I don't know if take-out prices are the same as eat-in. Also this menu is current as of July 21, 2012 where prices may be subject to change. Enjoy!

The Hungry Melburnian
July 21, 2012.

1/8/2012 07:31:12 pm

A very bored student once decided to open up their own website in anticipation that people would enjoy reading the experiences of them, as they venture through various Melbourne food hotspots. Though new to what Melbourne has to offer, even though I lived here my entire life, I plan to write about my best interests without boring you people. Principally writing food however you never know where this might go. I feel like abusing the backspace key but nevermind, this'll do. My first post, let's just hope I don't laugh at this in a years time.

15/8/2012 03:12:45 pm

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