Vegie Bar (Fitzroy)

I'm no vegetarian but this place has been so busy for quite some time and it has taken me months to venture down to the warehouse style restaurant in Brunswick Street.

As usual I was late for lunch and ate at around 3pm. Place was still fairly busy in the main area, though the place has an upstairs area, a side area, and an outdoor beer-garden style lounge. 

Prices were generally below $15, yet I was startled by the vast range of cuisines. There were pizzas, curry, wraps and salads, making Vegie Bar provide food from around the globe. Though they didn't concentrate in one cuisine, the food was great. I had the Mee Goreng ($14.50*) which was well done with vegies like bean shoots and tofu. It wasn't drenched in oil either so it was a meal you could indulge in without the guilty pleasure. 

Mee Goreng ($14.50)
Portions were quite large, in fact you could share the Mee Goreng between two people. The wraps were also huge and sliced up due to their monstrous size. Definitely will be eager to try wraps the next time as most were under $10. Sadly, the downside was the deserts. After ordering a $7* slice of chocolate cake, I had to wait over 25 minutes for it to be brought out. The cake just needed to be sliced and heated up, which obviously could've taken a few minutes. The place wasn't packed at that time so it was disappointing and not a credit to their service. However the staff were quite friendly and welcoming.

The whole atmosphere was very urban, given the area, and the it clearly suited the younger demographic. Prices were fairly okay considering the food was of a good quality. However considering it wasn't a dining experience, I would've preferred to be rushed a bit more rather than sitting there starring at the roof. Still this place does deserve recognition for being quirky and catering for the vegans and health fanatics, as the food was very healthy and tasty,
Restaurant Character - Trendy Cafe`
Atmosphere - 8.5/10
Food - 7.5/10
Value - 7/10
Service - 6/10
My mood - Neutral -.-
May go back

Might recommend to others

This place would be great to visit with friends, but not the best idea for a quick snack. Still worth it though, but steer clear of the deserts.

The Hungry Melburnian
July 13, 2012.

* Prices are by when I last visited this restaurant and may have changed since then.
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1/8/2012 07:31:40 pm

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