Pho Hung Vuong Saigon 

No mistaking I really enjoy phos and especially now that winter has struck I have been hunting down pho places nearby. Footscray has been full of some great Vietnamese shops and I gave Hung Vuong the first try.

Hung Vuong is a fast food type of shop but has a nice interior and great atmosphere. This place is also busy, and I can see why. I have seen it full at 3pm so when I ate at 1pm I did have to queue up, luckily only for a minute or so. 

There are many tables and by having a wide shop they can utilize a large dining area. I enjoyed the televisions at each end of the restaurant that played modern pop hits, wish I could hear it though. This loud place is kind of chaotic, yet that’s what you’d expect from such a high turnover shop.

Vietnamese In Footscray

Sliced Chicken & Sliced Beef Pho Small - $8.00*
Hot tea
Hung Vuong has mostly phos only, they are noodle soups with egg or rice noodles. They do have some entrees and drinks as well. The small phos are $8, medium phos are $9 and large phos are $10. Trust me, anyone with a good appetite will be sofficed with a medium, unless you are seriously hungry. I had the Sliced Chicken Breat Fillet pho and a friend had the Sliced Chicken and Sliced Beef pho. Both were fantastic with rich flavours and a fresh taste. They also supply herbs and beanshoots to add to the dish as well as hot tea on arrival. 
The service is quite speedy with the meals coming out in five minutes after ordering. They do have some communal tables which we were seated at. I was fine with this, though the staff thought our table was one group, yet it was actually 2 seperate groups on one communal table. Due to this I was served someone else’s pho yet luckily I realised that and just passed it across the table to them. Not a huge fuss. Generally, this place has good fast phos and by the looks of it some interesting drinks, will be keen to try the coloured jelly drinks next time. Hung Vuong is very similar (almost identical) to Pho Chu The in Richmond that I reviewed earlier. Both are great places that you can’t go wrong with. 

Sliced Chicken Pho Medium - $9.00*
Restaurant Character - Fast, good value 
Atmosphere - 7/10
Food - 7/10
Value - 9/10
Service- 8/10
My mood - Ecstatic :D
Will go back

Will recommend to others

Great restaurant that offers Footscray's culture in a delicious and filling soup, take a taste for yourself.
The Hungry Melburnian
July 25, 2012.

* Prices are by when I last visited this restaurant and may have changed since then.
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